Baby Theater Peekaboo

Baby Theater Peekaboo stages performances for the audiences as young as 8+ months old. Unlike in traditional kids’ theaters, we don’t expect our theater-goers to sit still for an hour and watch actors play. Insead they are welcome to be a vivid part of an action during many interactive inclusions.

Our theater is all about adorable characters, colorful props, lively music and engaging stories.

All our tales are adopted to each audience’s age group.

Our hybrid theater is a new type of infotainment which introduces kids to the magic of live performances and teaching them about the world.

Simply choose a performance according to your little one’s age and we’ll see you at the theater!

Coming up

Enchanted Forest (8+ months – 3 y.o.)

Coming soon

A beautiful story which introduces forest inhabitants to the kids as well as reveals the mystery of transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly!

You provide the children, we provide the fun!


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