Welcome to Interactive Baby Theater Peekaboo

a new concept in performing arts

Unlike in traditional kids’ theaters, our audiences don’t have to wait until they reach their 3rd birthday and can sit still for an hour watching a play. We are among pioneers to follow a novelty trend: parents can bring babies as young as 8 months old!

Our non-stereotypical theater concept invites the restless crowd of munchkins to be part of an action during our many interactive inclusions

In our theater we strongly believe babies deserve and have to be introduced to the world of performing arts as the interactive theatric experience boosts their imagination, curiosity, logic, visual, auditory and tactile perception, social skills and much more. In Baby Theater Peekaboo we use color, music, light, touch and simple dialogues as our tools.

Nowadays there are more and more opportunities to entertain your little ones. Our new hybrid theater is among them. It creates another type of infotainment, introducing kids to the majic of live performances and teaching them about the world.

We are inspired to introduce the most demanding audience to the imaginative world of theater!

To make the performance even more special, there’s a free professional photo shoot following each performance and every little audience member receives a souvenir gift.

Baby Theater sparks the imagination and will leave your munchkin wanting more.
Read our Theater Guidelines for more information.

Little one not feeling well? No worries. Should a small spectator fall ill before a performance, you can always reschedule for another date and attend a future performance.
We’re happy to accommodate you when you let us know ahead of time via info@babytheaterpeekaboo.com


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