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Original music and lyrics author of “Ocean Mysteries”: Galits M.V., co-composer and arranger: Fadeev P.

Join baby Turtle and her new friend, Hermit Crab, as she sets out on a personal mission to find a house to call her own.  After scouring through beautiful seashells for a place to live, Turtle’s journey leads her to the ocean where she and Hermit board a raft for an adventure like no other.

Together, the two friends and audience members will:

– meet a giant blue whale and scratch his belly
– brave a fierce storm
– befriend dolphins
– dance with a manta ray
– play with jellyfish
– encounter an oyster with hiccups
– help free little fishes caught in a fishing net
– scare off a threatening shark

This wonderfully playful tale explores the mysteries of the ocean, the magic of friendship, the power of teamwork and the joys of self discovery. When she finally realizes her house has been on her back all along, Turtle finds that  growing up means that you get to learn things for yourself.

To capture the magic and fun of this special 50 minute performance, a free professional photo shoot will take place following the show and every child will receive a souvenir gift.

For private visits, the show can be staged outdoors during winter season

Read our private visits guide here and contact us via info@babytheaterpeekaboo.com with your enquiry.

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