💡 We are now accepting private shows requests for January-February 2020 💡

Want us to bring the magic of Baby Theater Peekaboo to you? Ask for a Private Performance!

If you are up for a theater day for your kids or kids at your school, nursery, or hotel youngest guests, please read below:

At Baby Theater Peekaboo we stage interactive performances for the youngest audience 8+ months till 5 years old. For now we have 3 shows to choose from:

Ocean Mysteries
Duration: 50 min
Recommended age: 2.5-5 years old

Enchanted Forest
Duration: 40 minutes.
Recommended age: 8 months to 3 years old

Wendy Frost
Duration: 50 min
Recommended age: 2.5-5 years old

More information on the shows here https://babytheaterpeekaboo.com/performances/

A performance lasts 40-50 min and has a ‘watch-play’ sequence where kids are part of the show.

A private show invites 15-20 kids with unlimited # of accompanying adults. We can give up to 3 shows on the same day.

The theater setup requires a closed room of 70+ sqm with an AC and good ventilation, 1 hour prior to the show for a setup, and 1 hour after the show to dismount the props.

We can start a show as early as 9am as long as there is enough time for us to set up the props before the show, ideally in the afternoon on the previous day.

We are a moving theater and can come to your location.

There will be the below staff present on site:
– 2 actors
– 1 sound and lightman
– a photographer
– an administrator

There will be a souvenir gift for every child. There will be a professional photographer on site for every show.

To book a show at your party, email us at info@babytheaterpeekaboo.com with the below information:

  • date and time of the show (please allow yourself ~2 weeks to announce the show to parents to collect money from them. If your nursery/school is paying, we can organize the show day earlier)
  • the show of your choice
  • # kids

⚠️ Please note there should be at least 2 assistants from your side for crowd management.

Book your private performance today! We can’t wait to entertain you!


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