Interactive Baby Theater Peekaboo Guidelines

Please plan your trip carefully allowing yourself enough time to park 🅿️. We do NOT refund tickets if you get lost and/or come late.

Tickets are needed for all attendees 8 months and older 🎟️👶+🎟️👩. If one of your children is younger than 8 months, please bring his/her ID along.

Tickets are sold via our website.

All children must be accompanied by an adult. No drop-offs ⚠️

Both kids and adults need to wear socks 🧦 inside the theater. Socks are also available for sale at the entrance.

We kindly ask you to watch your baby during the performance and gently hold him/her to keep them from disturbing the play and other spectators. There will be plenty of opportunities for audience participation where the little ones can take part in the performance.

As we are offering a free photoshoot 📷, dress to impress! Photos are available 3 days after the show on our site. See your ticket for more details.

In addition to a free photoshoot, every child attending the show receives a small gift 🎁 – a coloring book based on the play subject. This gift is included in the ticket price. We reserve the right to change the gift without notice.

If your child starts crying inside the theater druing the show, you can leave the room to calm him/her down and come back again.

Should you or your baby fall sick 🤒, you can inform us via up to 4 hours before the play and we’ll postpone your visit until you feel better. Please note that you can only postpone your visit once.

Sick adults or children are strictly prohibited from attending the performance. Please be aware that we will not allow you inside in case of sickness.

We’re sorry but we do not refund tickets ⚠️

See you at the theater!


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